The Vineyard

Planted in the spring of 2008 with the Dijon 115 and 777, Pommard 4 and the Calera Pinot Noir Clones, Our three acre vineyard parcel sits on the site that the locals call Buster’s Hill.  With elevations that go from 270ft. to over 400 ft. above sea level, Buster’s Hill has a north-west orientation to the sun.  On the hilltop, we have a parcel with a south-east orientation to the sun and a west orientation.  The different sun orientations and elevations contribute to the unique flavors found in our wines.  Our soils are clay-loam with as much as 45% clay content.  We are a small family operation that cherishes its direct connection with the land, and we take a holistic approach to farming, determined to maintain a balanced eco-system for the vineyard as well as the plants and animals that share the land with us.  We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to manage the land in a sustainable way and we always incorporate that philosophy into our final land management decisions.